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Archive for November, 2015

Thursday 19/11/15

A) 13min AMRAP **400m Run** Buy in 2 Forward Rolls 10 Mt. Climbers 20 Hip Touch 10 Mt. Climbers B) SMR Mobility (Roller, Spike Ball, ect.)

Wednesday 18/11/15

For Repetitions: 3 RNDS 1min Snatch 30/20kg 1min Burpees 1min Box Jumps 24/20inch 1min Pull Ups 1min Wall Balls 20/14lbs 1min Rest

Tuesday 17/11/15

A) Ring Work (Technique) B) Muscle Up Technique C) For Time: 5 RNDS 30 Double Unders 10 HSPUs 30 Double Unders 10 Ring Pushups

Monday 16/11/15

A) Snatch Technique 2-2-1-1 B) 12min AMRAP 10 D/B Snatch (Left Arm) 15/10kg 5 D/B Single Arm O/H Lunge (Left Arm) 15/10kg 10 D/B Snatch (Right Arm) 15/10kg 5 D/B Single Arm O/H Lunge (Right Arm) 15/10kg

Saturday 14/11/15

8am: Open Weightlifting – Entry via LANEWAY DOOR 9am: Technique Overview + Skill Acquisition 9:30am: WOD: INSTRUCTORS CHOICE!! Comment to the CFR FB Page to see if your WOD gets chosen?!

Friday 13/11/15

A) Clean & Jerk Technique Adv. 3-3-3-3 B) 12min AMRAP 5 Toes to Bar 10 Ring Rows 20 Wall Balls 20/14lbs

Thursday 12/11/15

A) For Time: 6 RNDS 200m Row 15 Hollow Body Rocks 15 Back Ext 15 Sit Ups ***Rest 1 minute*** B) Mobility

Wednesday 11/11/15

“BULGER” For Time: 10 RNDS 150m Run 7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 7 Front Squats 60/42.5kg 7 Handstand Pushups

Tuesday 10/11/15

A) Chest to Bar Technique B) Toes to Bar Technique C) For Time: 5 RNDS 10 Power Clean 70/50kg 30 Double Unders 10 Burpee Bar Overs

Monday 9/11/15

A) Snatch Technique Adv. 3-3-3-3 B) 13min AMRAP 1 Rope Climb 2 Wall Walks 10 Box Jumps 20/24inch