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Archive for December, 2015

Friday 1.1.16

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome to 2016. Sorry we are CLOSED for new years day Main gym still available through 24hour access

Thursday 31.12.15

(6pm and 5pm class ONLY) 5rounds: 200 run 15 sumo deadlift high pull 30/25 HAVE A GREAT EVENING! SEE YOU ALL IN THE NEW YEAR 🙂  

WEDNESDAY 30.12.15

T.U.P 15-12-9-6-3 Power clean 60/42.5kg Pull ups Front squat 60/42.5kg Pull ups

TUESDAY 29.12.2015

Kipping tec For time: 30 double unders 15 burpees 30 double unders 5 wall walks 30 double unders 15 ring rows 30 double unders 15 hand stand pushups 30 double unders 15 toes to bar 30 double unders 15 situps 30 double unders 15 burpees Have fun smile emoticon

Monday 28.12.15

Alley way access only!!! 9am class ONLY Snatch 2-2-2-2 Tabata Squat Deadlift 70/50kg Squat Deadlift 70/50kg

Sunday 27.12.2015

Happy Sunday hope your all feeling ready to work off that christmas food 🙂 open box 10am-12pm

Saturday 26/12/15

Closed for Boxing Day Holiday. Classes returning to normal hours Tuesday 27/12/15.

Friday 25/12/15

Closed for Xmas Have a very merry Xmas – Peace & Love CFR

Thursday 24/12/15 (6am & 5pm Class ONLY; No 6pm!!)

For Time: 21-15-9 K/B SDHP 32/24kg Ring Pushups Grasshoppers Bear Crawl

Wednesday 23/12/15

“Tommy V” For Time: 21 Thrusters 52.5/36.5kg 12 Rope Climb 15 Thrusters 52.5/36.5kg 9 Rope Climb 9 Thrusters 52.5/36.5kg 6 Rope Climb