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Saturday 08/11/14

WEDDING BELLS ARE RINGING TODAY! Congratulations to Jen and Quenten who tie the knot today. Jen and Q have CrossFitted with us here since the birth of our box and Q was the one who whispered sweet CrossFit nothings in to our ears before we knew it existed! All the best and huge hugs from CrossFit Rockhampton. We can’t wait to see you tie the knot!


8am OLY LIFTING, Lane way access!

A perfect chance to turn your morning in to some new 1RM lifts, as the girls here call it PB Saturday! Get your lifters on and come rock the floor and get that bar off the floor.


9:30am WOD, Instructors choice.

OPEN till 1pm!


We love our weekend here and we want to thank you guys for making it so much fun!

Rock Hard.