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Sunday 23/03/14

OPEN BOX 10am  – 12 noon

It is REST DAY here at CrossFit Rockhampton.

Well done to all athletes who took part in 14.4 yesterday. Can you believe there is only 1 WOD left?!

You all gave it 110% as you always do and exceeded your own expectations. We thank you for all giving it all you have and being a huge part of our CrossFit family. You all Rock.


Super proud of our girls! In 14.2 we saw Kristy shred her hands and keep going after the second lot of pull ups…thats dedication! Erin smashed out the WOD twice and saw an improvement to top the table by 4 reps. Lydia gave the WOD 2 attempts on the same day. She had NEVER held 30kg above her head never mind in an over head squat. She went from 1 rep to 4 reps! Good work!!